Intro to Graphic Design Class

This is the second time I am teaching an Introduction to Graphic Design class at our homeschool co-op. This year-long high school course introduced students to the design process with emphasis on problem solving and relating graphic design to communication. Students were introduced to the principals of design, color theory, and typography, including: contrast, repetition, alignment, & proximity. We designed logos, letterheads, ads, movie posters, t-shirts, & more. Design elements of both print & web were covered. It’s been fun to see their progress.

T-shirts arrived today! Here are their designs:

Web Updates

Weekly web content updates for very large WP sites.

Responsibilities include:

  • keeping event announcements on site up-to-date
  • creating artwork
  • sending coordinated email blasts and a monthly newsletter through MailChimp
  • keeping several MailChimp subscriber lists organized
  • scheduling tweets through Houtesuite
  • selecting photos
  • creating blog posts
  • create new web pages as needed

Color Your World

Another impressive color resource comes from Canva. Follow these links to learn everything you need to know about colors, their meanings, and experience endless color combinations that will give inspiration to your next design.

Everything you need to know about colors . . . and more!
The ultimate inspirational tool for stunning color combinations

What’s trending in typography?

Things haven’t changed much in the last few years, but this article summarizes nicely where designers are headed with their typography choices: Top 8 Typography Trends of 2017

In a nutshell:


Click through for the visuals and all the details!

Letterpress’s Digital Reinvention

The charm of letterpress is once again readily available thanks to a digital reinvention of the plate-making process and 3-D printing.

“Though letterpress might seem like yet another expression of a society hankering for artisanal, one-of-a-kind goods in an era of endless, identical reproduction, this return to the past is different. Beneath the old-timey patina of letterpress goods is a full-scale digital reinvention that drags Gutenberg’s great creation into the full embrace of modern technology.”

Head to Wired to read How letterpress printing came back from the dead.






271 Years Before Pantone . . .

there was artist A. Boogert!

Back in 1692 this artist wrote a book in Dutch about mixing watercolors. The pages, all 800, look like the precursor to Pantone. The actual book was handwritten and painted and can now be viewed online in high resolution. Read more at Colossal.

Mind Your Ps & Qs

Mostly your Ps!

PayPal is suing Pandora over their new blue P logo. The lawsuit claims: “central features” of PayPal’s iconic logo include “capital Ps depicted in a distinctive, block-style sans serif type, with no ‘counter’ or hole in the top part of the P,” and a “deep-blue color range” — all features which the Pandora logo also utilizes.  read more

Titles & Menus

Video Projects

Video projects I have managed, overseeing, and working with film editors through various stages of pre- and post-production:

Stacy Taubman Speaking Reel

Camp Rainbow

Big Muddy Dance Company

Little Flower School





Central Indiana Allergy

My work for Central Indiana Allergy has included logo, outdoor signage, website and social media design, and various printed pieces.